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About me

Achim BaquéMy name is Achim Harald Baqué. Contact
I was born in 1968 in former Western Germany where I live and work most of the time.

First name:
For most people Achim doesn't sound very German. But it is the German short name for Joachim. Most native English speaker associate Achim with an Arabic country because of the pronunciation. Many pronounce it like Akim. The “ch” sounds for those very harsh and is at least as hard to pronounce like the “th” for us Germans. In German it sounds soft.
Wikipedia about Achim. There is even a City in northern Germany called Achim.

Last name:
Baqué does not sound German either? Well, it is a French name. My ancestors left France 1789 in a hurry, eventually escaping the revolution on a float and settled in Germany. For more than 200 years this family branch lives in Germany. The other half of my ancestors can be traced back living in Germany for at least 900 years.

Private Website

More about me on my private website.

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