'James J. Scardino' Apple-1 computer

In my private collection are these original Apple-1 computer: '#1 Copson Apple‑1', '#2 Dryden Apple‑1', '#3 Duston-2 Apple‑1', '#4 Heathcott / Lee Apple‑1', '#5 Reinemer Apple‑1', '#6 Flatiron Apple‑1', '#7 Burr Apple‑1', '#8 Dreike Apple‑1', '#9 Scardino Apple‑1'. and 1,000+ a other vintage computer. Including the very first prototype of the Kenbak-1 computer. Please contact me, if you have computers made before 1984 to offer.

James J. Scardino is listed in the Apple-1 Registry as #99.

History of the James J. Scardino

The acquisition

James bequeathed the computer to his son grandson Daniel. James lovely daughter, the granddaughter and the grandson talked many times and wrote to me about this computer and more important about the remarkable history of it.
We promised each other to stay in touch. The daughter of James asked me if he is interested in the computer. It was the wish of her father and the express wish of the family, that this computer should go to a museum or to an enthusiasts who would really appreciate this unique Apple-1.

Actually, the family wanted to keep the computer. After talking about it within the family for two months, they came to the decision that I could buy the computer if he wanted to. Everyone quickly agreed on the price.
In February 2023 I acquired this Apple-1.

2 days in the Bay Area

In February 2023 I flew to San Francisco. His short version of very interesting two days in the Bay Area:
On the first day I visited two hours the Stanford University, had a look to the Apple collection and talked two hours to a professor about early Apple days.

Later that day I visited several hours Apple Park and walked some miles all around inside and outside. Highlights were the buildings itself and the meeting with Arion Paylo and Chris Espinosa (Apple employee #8). We talked so much and it was so interesting and fascinating. Apple Park is a masterpiece of architecture and design. In every detail. I was allowed to make pictures outside.

Day two was to meet Daniel Kottke again and meet there later the wonderful family who owns one of the most interesting Apple-1. If not the most interesting from a historical point of view. The Scardino Apple-1.

Steve Wozniak gave away his schematics and all information to build this Apple-1. So far, no other Apple-1 built by a Homebrew Computer Club member has been found. And here we go, it was done by James Scardino who talked a lot to Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. James Scardino met Woz for the first time at the Homebrew Computer club. Best friend of James was Dick Sherman who was more into the 6800 and founded the 6800 club. James bought from Steve Jobs the original BLANK Apple-1 and ACI boards and all four PROMs. Woz told me, that Steve Jobs didn’t tell him about the sale.
Everything else was done at James’ home and on weekends in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage. James liked to hang around there. This Apple-1 is hand-soldered (not wave-soldered) and for that reason it has zero peeling or bubbles! It looks like from a factory belt. But it looks not brand new. It is another wonderful example of people really using the Apple-1 to understand and work with an Apple-1. It was not used like a museums item. James Scardino had really good soldering skills. Woz was really impressed and so he wrote to me recently that he could not have it soldered so good.
This Apple-1 worked in 1976. During my day two Daniel Kottke switched it on and it worked instantly 40+ years after the last start.
I am the new proud owner of this historical important Apple-1 and I took this Apple-1 and the huge wooden case on my flight back home. Thank you again, Lufthansa.

There is even more than just the Apple-1 and ACI. Original manuals, more handwritten stuff, a hand-build wooden case (Mahogany) that looks a bit like the Byte Shop cases, keyboard and transformer. And some documents that everyone believed that they are gone. Those four documents are copies from 1976. More information about these docs will be published later.
I told Woz about it and he was really excited and asked if he could have a copy.
Same second day of my visit Woz asked if we could meet for dinner and so we met. Woz, his wife, a man from the early computer days and me. Woz has now the copies of the ‘lost’ documents and thankfully he signed the Scardino Apple-1. We talked a lot. Fallowed by some emails we exchanged.

More information will fallow someday.


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