The world's largest collection of original Apple-1

It is about preservation and history. Not about investment. I like history. Yet I don't wish the past back and my eyes on the future.

In my private collection are eight original Apple-1 computer: '#1 Copson Apple‑1', '#2 Dryden Apple‑1', '#3 Duston-2 Apple‑1', '#4 Heathcott / Lee Apple‑1', '#5 Reinemer Apple‑1', '#6 Flatiron Apple‑1', '#7 Burr Apple‑1', '#8 Dreike Apple‑1', '#9 Scardino Apple‑1'. The Apple-1 collection also includes numerous manuals, advertisements, cassette tapes, an original Byte Shop case, an original box, original invoices, receipts, correspondence, business cards. Plus monitors, keyboards, power supplies, cables, magazines, etc. from that time.

My collection of vintage computers does not only consist of Apple computers. I have over 1,000 other vintage computers. and 1,000+ a other vintage computer. Including the very first prototype of the Kenbak-1 computer. Please contact me, if you have computers made before 1984 to offer.

Any form of reprint or reproduction (including excerpts) only with written permission.
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