Wish list / Wanted

What I am looking for

I do collect vintage computers of ANY brand. Have you got computer of any brand pre 1984 (sometimes even 1985-1990) to offer or to donate? Please contact me.

I have a residential shipping address in the USA, U.K. and in Germany (European Union). A commercial shipping address in the USA and Germany. I know people from many other countries if you prefer domestic shipping.

Most wanted

Computers made before 1984
Apple-1 computer, manuals, ads, cassettes etc. Apple II Rev 0 Anything related to Apple from 76/77
Compucolor, Intercolor Digital Group Systems Holborn
Jolt, SuperJolt Lilith Computer Mark-8
MCM-70, MCM 700, MCM 800, MCM 900 MCS-8 Micral and Alcyane
Ohio Scientific 500 or Challenger III Poly-88 RCA System 00
Scelbi SIM-4 Sphere-1
WANG 2200, WANG 3300 WDR-1-Bit Computer Xerox Alto / Star
Parallel ASCII Keyboards 1975-1977 Giant hard disk (platter) > 14 inch Bryant hard disk platter 39 inch

Wanted mini computers / mainframes / supercomputers

Almost anything is interesting. For example PDP, Control Data, IBM, Cray etc.,
CDC 160
Data General Nova 1200 or others,
Honeywell H316,
PDP-8 straight,

Some other wanted microcomputers (not a full list!)

Acorn System 1, Apple Lisa 1, Atari 800,
Busicom (Calculators),
Commodore PET 200, Commodore VIC 1001, Compukit UK-101 (Superboard clone), Cosmac ELF, Cosmac VIP, Cromemco System I / II / III / Z1 / Z2,
DAI Computer (from Belgium),
Elektor TV Games Computer, Explorer/85,
HP 5036A, HP 9815, HP-9810, HP-9825, HP-9830, Heathkit H-89,
IBM 5100, IBM 5110, IBM 5120, IBM System/23 (Datamaster), Inertec Superbrain, Intel SDK-86, Intel SIM-4, Intel SIM8-01, Intellec MDS, Intersil Intercept Intersystems DPS-1, ISBC 80/10,
Kaypro Robie,
Mistral 801, MOS TIM, MSI 6800, Micro 440, MicroSystems CPS-1, Mini-Scamp, MBC Alcyane,
NASCOM 1/2/3, NEC PC 8001, NEC TK-80, Newbear 77-68,
Ohio Scientific 500 / Challenger / Superboard II (600), Olivetti P6060, Ontel OP-1, Otrona 2001,
Pertec PCC 2000, Philips P5000, PSI comp 80,
Q1 Lite,
R2E Micral: Micral 8030, Micral 80-30, Micral N, Micral G, Micral S, Micral M, Micral CZ, Micral C, Micral V, Micral X, Micral P2, Micral Portal, Micral 80-20, Micral 90-20, Micral 90-50, Micral CCMC, Bull Micral 30, Micral 9020,
RCA Cosmac Microtutor 1800, RCA Fred, RCA System 00,
SDK-80, Sord M223, Sord SMP80/08, Sinclair MK-14, Sord M 170, Sord M-100ACE,
Telmac 1800, Tesla PMI-80,
Vector 1, Vector 3, VideoBrain, WANG computer.

Wanted hard drives

Hard disks with 14+ inch (over 35 cm) diameter and disk pack/disk platter/disk cartridge/disk drive. But also nice 14, 8 and 5,25 inches.
Bryant 39 inch hard disk, Control Data 6603, IBM 350 RAMAC (I have just one disk platter).
NCR CRAM, Drum memory.

Wanted software / manuals / magazines / ads

Apple and Microsoft cassettes.
Manuals and software for computers pre 1984, including any Apple-1 related material including advertisements and promotional material.
Magazines with advertisements or articles on early computers (pre 1980).
Computer Magazines of the 70's.
Kilobaud Magazine, SCCS Interface Magazine and Interface Age Magazine of 1976 and 1977.

Wanted other items

Computer items used for planes, space (for example Apollo, Space Shuttle) etc.,
Original Pong Arcade,
Computer Space Arcade by Nolan Bushnell,
Printer SwTPC PR-40,
Graphic board GT-4144,
Calculator ANITA 8, ANITA MK VII, Mathatron,
HP 65 in case with software,
Videopac 7420 Microsoft Basic

Wanted electronic parts to keep original Apple-1 alive

Obsolete electronics are hard to find, but necessary for restoration of historically important vintage computers. New old stock (NOS) preferred, pulls ok.

ICs (any date code):
Signetics 2513N (CM2140), CM2140, 2519b

MOSTEK MK4096N-11 or MK4096P-11

ICs (only date code 1974-1976):
Signetics N7400A, N7402A, N7404A, N7408A, N7410A, N7427A, N7432A, N7451A, N74123B, N74154N, N74157B, N74160B, N74161B, N74166B, N74174B, N74175B, N74S257B, NE555v, N8T97B, 2504v, N74LS02A, N74LS10A (specified 'A' or more resistant to static charge 'B' is not a must)
Fairchild 7400PC, 7402PC, 7408PC, 7410PC, 7427PC, 7432PC, 7450PC, 7451PC, 74123PC, 74154PC, 74157PC, 74160PC, 74161PC, 74166PC, 74174PC, 74175PC, 74S257DC, 74LS74PC, NE555V
National Semiconductor DM74LS74N, DM74LS02N, DM74LS10N, DS/MH0025CN, DS0025CN, MH0025CN, LM311N, LMK323K with golden base (best would be “NS 550 LM323K”, “NS 625 LM323K”)
Motorola MLM311P
AMI S6820P in plastic package
MMI 6301-1J
Sprague capacitors 15V 5300uF 39D (39D538G015JP6) and 25V 2400uF 39D (39D248G025JL6)
Slot 50 44S 30 11 (CINCH 252 22 30 21 1)

Voltage regulators F UA7912UC from 76 in TO-220 case, F UA7812UC from 76 in TO-220 case, F 7905UC from 75/76 in TO-220 case, NS LM 320 MP-5 from 76 in TO-220 case, NS LM 320 MP-12 from 76 in TO-220 case, NS LM 340 MP-12 from 76 in TO-220 case
Diodes MR500 / A14F, Fairchild IN4001, Fairchild IN914
Ceramic disc caps .1 BEL, .01M 25V Circle D (Cornell Dubilier), 1KV 0.001M ZSU Circle D (Cornell Dubilier)
Caps Philips 015 S 22uF 25V, Siemens 22uF 25V
Caps ceramic Siemens 1Z (green)
Caps ceramic Mica 47 pF CDE (Cornell Dubilier)
Heatsink Wakefield 680-1.25A
Trimpot Spectrol 62-1-1 /2 -101 100 Ω
Trimpot Bourns B 3329 H - 100 Ω
Transistor MPS3704 NPN
Crystal Torotel 301.378 14.31818 Mhz
Resistors Allen-Bradley RN55D1002F, Allen-Bradley RN55D1002F, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 10kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 1.2kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 3kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 390Ω, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 7.5kΩ, Allen-Bradley 5% 1/4w 27kΩ and Piher 5% 1/4w 330Ω
Connectors Molex 09-50-1041, 09-50-1061
Sockets TI C9308-02, C9314-02, C9316-02, C9324-02, C9340-02
Heatsink Wakefield 680-1.25A
Transformer Triad F40-X, Triad F31-X (usually in a red/white box)
Parallel ASCII keyboards (most wanted are Datanetics and Amkey)

Trading / Swapping

Some collectors do not sell, but like to swap. Contact me if you have something interesting to offer and let me know your wish list.

A list of some computers from the 60's till 1983 (many I have, many I want)

AIDACS 1000 / 2000 / 3000 AIMAX AIM-65, AMF 665/D, APF Imagination Machine, ASCI SystemX, Acorn Atom, Acorn BBC Model A / B / B+, Acorn System 1, Ai Electronics ABC 24, Alice, Altair 680, Altair 8800, Altair 8800b, Altos ACS 580, Altos ACS-8000, Apple II, Apple II +, Apple III, Apple III, Apple IIe, Apple Lisa 1, Apple-1, Aquarius, Astral 2000 (M&R Enterprises), Atari 400, Atari 600XL, Atari 800, Atari 800XL, Attache, BUBCOM 80, Baby!1 (STM Systems / STM Electronics), British Micro Mimi 802 / 803 / 804, Busicom 141-P / NCR 18-36 / Unicom 141P (Calculator), Busicom LE-120A Handy (Calculator), Byt-8, CAB 65, CBM-256, California Computer Systems 2200, Canon CX-1 / BX-3, Casio FX-9000P, Central Data 2650, Commodore C128, Commodore C64, Commodore CBM 8000, Commodore MAX, Commodore PET / CBM 3000, Commodore PET / CBM 4000, Commodore PET 200, Commodore SuperPet, Commodore VIC-1001, Commodore VIC-20, Compag Portable, CompuPro System 8/16, Compucolor 8001 / 8051, Compucolor 8001, Intercolor 8001 (Intelligent Systems Corp). Compucolor II, Compukit UK-101, Computer 1083, Computer Data Systems Versatile 2, Computer Devices Inc Miniterm, Cosmac ELF, Cosmac VIP, Cromemco System I / II / III Cromemco Z-1, Cromemco Z-2, DEC 300, DMD MD800, Datapoint 2200, Digi-Comp I, Dragon 32, ETC-1000 (Electronic Tool Co.), Easgle Computer, Exidy Sorcerer, Franklin ACE 100, Franklin ACE 1000, Franklin ACE 1200, Fujitsu FM 8, Gemini 801, Geniac Analog Computer, HP 5036A, HP 9815A, HP 9825A, HP-85, HP-86, HP-9810, HP-9825, HP-9826, HP-9830, Heathkit 6800, Heathkit ET-3400, Heathkit H-8, Heathkit H-89, Hitachi 6890, Holborn 9100, IASIS IA-7301, IBM 5100, IBM 5110, IBM 5120, IBM Series/1, IBM System/3, ICL PC, IMSAI 8048, IMSAI 8080, IMSAI PCS 80, INDATA DAI, Inertec Superbrain, Intel Intellec 4, Intel Intellec 8, Intel SIM-4, Intellec MDS, Interact, Intersystems DPS-1, Jolt (Microcomputer Associates), KIM-1, Kaypro II, Kenbak-1, Kontron PSI 80 / Kienzle CC-9010, Kosmos CP1, Litton OC-8880, Luxor ABC 800, MCM 70 (Micro Computer Machines), MCM 782 (Micro Computer Machines), MCM 800, MCS-8, MMD-1, MMD-2, MOS TIM, MSI 6800, MUPID, Mark-8, Matsushita National JR 100, Micral 80/22, Micral 8020 / Bull 80/22, Micral 8030, Micral N, Micro 440, Micro 6502, Micro-68 (Electronic Product Associates), Micro-Professor 1, Microace, Microbee, Mikra D MTS-8 (Basic-8), Mini-Scamp, Minivac 601, Multitech MPF-1, NASCOM 1, NASCOM 2, NASCOM 3, NEC PC 6001, NEC PC 8001, NEC TK-80, NRI, National Semiconductor Introkit, Northstar Horizon, Ohio Scientific 500, Ohio Scientific Challenger, Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P, Ohio Scientific Challenger 2P, Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P, Ohio Scientific Challenger II, Ohio Scientific Challenger III, Ohio Scientific Superboard II, Olympia Boss, Ontel OP-1, Open University Hektor 2, Open University PT501, Oric 1, Osborne-1, PCM 12, PET 2001, PET 4032, PT501, Panasonic HHC, Panasonic JD, Pertec PCC 2000, Philips P2000, Philips P5000, Poly 1 Educational Computer, Poly 88, Polymorphic 8813, Prompt 80/85, Proteus III, R2E Portal, RCA Cosmac Microtutor 1800, RCA Fred, RCA Superelf, RCA System 00, RGS 008A, Rair Black Box, Regnecentralen RC 700 Piccolo, Research Machines RM-380Z, SBS 8000, SC/MP ISP-8p, SDK-51, SDK-80, SDK-85, SDK-86, SMT Goupil 2, SORD M203, SORD M223, SWTPC 6800, SWTPC S/09, SYM-1, Sanco 7000, Sanyo MBC-1000, Sanyo PHC 3000, Scelbi-8B, Seattle Computer Gazelle, Sharp MZ 40K, Sharp MZ 80B, Sharp MZ 80C MZ 80K, Sharp PC-1500, Sharp PC-3201, Sharp PC-5000, Sharp SM-B-80, Siemens PC 100 (AIM 65 clone), Signetics Instructor 50, Sinclair MK-14, Sinclair ZX-80, Sinclair ZX-81, Sinclair ZX80, Sord M 170, Sord M-100ACE, Spectravideo SV-328, SV-318, Sphere 1, Sphere 200, Sphere-1, Superboard II, Synertek SYM-1, TA Alphatronic PC P1/P2, TI DS990, TI-99/4a and TI-99/4, TTX 80, Tandy 2000, Tandy Color Computer, Tandy Color Computer 2, Tandy MC-10, Tandy TR-80 PC-8, Tandy TRS 80 Model 1, Tandy TRS 80 Model II, Tandy TRS-80 Model 100, Tangerine Microtan 65, Tetra TAP-34, Texas Instruments Datamath, The Digital Group Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Timex Sinclair 1000, Timex Sinclair 2068, Tomy Tutor, Toshiba Pasopia, Toshiba T200, Trandy Color, Transam Tuscan S-100, Unicomp Comp 16, Comp 18, VZ200, Vector 1, Vector 3, Vector MZ, Video Genie 1, VideoBrain, WDR-1-Bit Computer, Wang 2200A or B, Wicat 150, Xerox 530, Xerox 550, 560, Xerox 820, Xerox 860, Xerox Alto, Xerox Alto II, Xerox Sigma (Minicomputer), Yeno SC-3000H.

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