'Computer Closet' Apple-1 computer

Not anymore in my collection!

In my private collection are these original Apple-1 computer: '#1 Copson Apple‑1', '#2 Dryden Apple‑1', '#3 Duston-2 Apple‑1', '#4 Heathcott / Lee Apple‑1', '#5 Reinemer Apple‑1', '#6 Flatiron Apple‑1', '#7 Burr Apple‑1', '#8 Dreike Apple‑1', '#9 Scardino Apple‑1'. and 1,000+ a other vintage computer. Including the very first prototype of the Kenbak-1 computer. Please contact me, if you have computers made before 1984 to offer.

Computer Closet Apple-1 is listed in the Apple-1 Registry as #7.
Not anymore in my collection!

History of the Computer Closet Apple-1

The acquisition

There was a good contact to the Apple-1 Registry and the owner was searching for a private deal. Eventually via the Apple-1 Registry a new owner was found. Myself. Deal was sealed in 2021 and computer picked-up by myself in October 2021.
Usually I never sell from my own vintage computer collection. But since January 2022 the new owner of the Apple-1 is Kevin Lenane from NY, USA. It was a swap deal between Achim Baqué and Kevin Lenane. Details are confidential.


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