'Flatiron' Apple-1 computer

In my private collection are these original Apple-1 computer: '#1 Copson Apple‑1', '#2 Dryden Apple‑1', '#3 Duston-2 Apple‑1', '#4 Heathcott / Lee Apple‑1', '#5 Reinemer Apple‑1', '#6 Flatiron Apple‑1', '#7 Burr Apple‑1', '#8 Dreike Apple‑1'. and 1,000+ a other vintage computer. Including the very first prototype of the Kenbak-1 computer. Please contact me, if you have computers made before 1984 to offer.

Flatiron Apple-1 is listed in the Apple-1 Registry as #83.

History of the Flatiron Apple-1

The acquisition

In March 2019 Bonhams offered again an Apple-1 for auction. I was abroad at lunch with my girlfriend in Bogota, Colombia. My phone rang and I had to bid on the phone outside in a noisy road. After bidding and waiting a longer time the man on the phone told me, that the lot passed. I had to ask "did I won?" The answer was "yes".
The auction was again announced relatively shortly before the auction started and probably not many people knew about it. Again, you had to know, that Bonhams usually auction off at this time technical stuff.
The computer was delivered door to door to my home early June. It was inside a wooden box made for the Apple-1 and secured by many screws. It is now in a bank safe deposit box.


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